Feigning Social on Social Media

If you had asked me anytime over the past few years would i partake in the presentation of fictional characters on the internet, i'd likely have said no, and that i have enough problems maintaining my own various online accounts. Fast forward to today, August 30th 2020 and i'm developing and maintaining the online presence … Continue reading Feigning Social on Social Media

Video-log 4 from 2020 film project.

Welcome back to another episode of the behind the scenes of The Fakefluencer production. This time we are joined by Linus Dunkers of Dunkers IT, Dan The WetwareIA, and myself Rich Tella and my co producer Mikael Peltola.  Links to all the items discussed can be found below. If you haven’t yet signed up for … Continue reading Video-log 4 from 2020 film project.

Video-log 3 from 2020 film project.

If you made it to this video then well done! you are one of the first of the 2000 to be invited to the film premiere, grab a free ticket here: https://www.thefakefluencer.com The film is being produced by Rich Tella and Mikael Peltola. Check out the third video log below! https://youtu.be/CFADkTka610 Follow the crew on … Continue reading Video-log 3 from 2020 film project.

Curse of the young professional

Envy is an often underappreciated emotion for driving new behaviour, and while i dont think it terribly bad to envy others if it encourages you to pick up your own slack, it can go in the wrong direction towards jealousy and perhaps on to some regrettable action from there. I recently had two critical questions … Continue reading Curse of the young professional

Ask not what your blockchain can do for you; ask what you can do for your blockchain.

While I can't tell you the exact moment I decided to take on the challenge of communicating the values of blockchain to regular folk, what I can tell you is that my concerns run deep, never more than now in 2020. Working in communications the entire objective is the transfer of informative and sometimes entertaining … Continue reading Ask not what your blockchain can do for you; ask what you can do for your blockchain.

A Crew of Toms

Introducing the 3 Toms; Tom, Tommy & Tomo. These are the three main characters bringing you The Fakefluncer film. If you like the sound of a mockumentary film poking fun at influencers, cryptocurrency, extreme scootering and capitalism then you can get more info by visiting: thefakefluencer.com. To chat with the Toms now simply join our … Continue reading A Crew of Toms

First Video Log for project FF

For those of you that followed the Making an Influencer project can now follow the production and the ongoing development of the resulting film here. In order to not have Google index these posts in associating with the film project; i will use the title 'FF' for the film project going forward. Below you will … Continue reading First Video Log for project FF