A Crew of Toms

Introducing the 3 Toms; Tom, Tommy & Tomo. These are the three main characters bringing you The Fakefluncer film. If you like the sound of a mockumentary film poking fun at influencers, cryptocurrency, extreme scootering and capitalism then you can get more info by visiting: thefakefluencer.com. To chat with the Toms now simply join our … Continue reading A Crew of Toms

First Video Log for project FF

For those of you that followed the Making an Influencer project can now follow the production and the ongoing development of the resulting film here. In order to not have Google index these posts in associating with the film project; i will use the title 'FF' for the film project going forward. Below you will … Continue reading First Video Log for project FF

From Making influence to Faking influence

After 10 months of the making an influencer experiment it is now time to move the story into the realm of documentary film. If you are having trouble sleeping you can watch the entire vlog series here, otherwise simply watch the video below to get yourself up to speed. Failing that, fast forward yourself to … Continue reading From Making influence to Faking influence

When Is Truth Born?

Is the media, specifically the so-called mainstream media invested in polarising and dividing its audience? By injecting controversial ideas and opinions into the wider conversation do they end up creating more news for them to report on? Well yes, arguably sometimes they do. Whether they do it intentionally or not is up for debate. The … Continue reading When Is Truth Born?

Video: Scouting locations for The FF

As we move closer to the production phase it's time to start planning the various scenes and where they will be shot, here's a short video of our recent trip (amid the corona pandemic) in to Stockholm to explore our options for filming. Special thanks to Alex for playing cameraman for the day. Follow the … Continue reading Video: Scouting locations for The FF

Month 8 of Making an Influencer (Video)

  https://youtu.be/Ok9Zh2lr-6Q Notes and links: Another look at LBRY Kenneth Bosak live stream? Wrote the next track concept - based on the revolution will not be decentralized Cover of RATM cover in acoustic style by Bengt: https://bittube.tv/post/9616651a-873d-4a77-b9f3-c42499d1817b Gate crashed an AMA with Chromia: https://bittube.tv/post/2c9d48e7-4a71-4c1b-a787-0e3d57925da9 Centralized persona at website https://bitmanthreesixty.wordpress.com/ Started trying out LBRY: https://lbry.tv/@bitman360:d New … Continue reading Month 8 of Making an Influencer (Video)

How to tell if you’re still a Slacktivist in 2020

Personally i don't like getting political on social media largely because i perceive it as ineffective, but as everything can and is politicised here i go. Having strong opinions and expressing them online frequently often appears to serve more as an outlet for the individual, a way to vent, to feel like they're taking action, … Continue reading How to tell if you’re still a Slacktivist in 2020

Month 7 of Making an Influencer

  Thanks for staying tuned in to this experiment, this month i only made on piece of content, but it was possibly one of the most fun pieces i have made yet, check it out here: https://bittube.tv/post/52dc37a6-ce90-4846-be5b-e32aede01d4f and if your feeling overly spiritual dont forget to join the MOD here: https://bittube.tv/group/4355ee7d-4f93-4181-abfb-b85222251cb9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_6Yvw8QMVU This month (amongst … Continue reading Month 7 of Making an Influencer

Fact-checking websites are not the answer

What are the primary roles of the major media outlets these days? Those media that feel obligated to report on stories in far away lands, the kind of stories that stop a reader in their tracks and have them whisper to themselves "what the heck?" resulting in them having only one choice, to share it … Continue reading Fact-checking websites are not the answer

Updating an Icon Part 2

Please note this is part of the making an influencer experiment, now in its 7 month. You can read part 1 here.  'Testify' by RATM is one of the most iconic songs of my youth, i can vividly remember jumping around in the local mosh pit to it, It was an age of war and … Continue reading Updating an Icon Part 2